Bob's Fine Car
Bob's Fine Car
526 Broadway
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 443-7055


"It just couldn't get any better than at Bob's Fine Cars! Bob, (in the footsteps of his father), his son Pete, the office/admin Sherri, and the performance of the entire staff is proficient and pleasant beyond any reasonable person's expectation! I have bought several vehicles from the Crivello family over the last 10 years, and my latest acquisition is the icing on the cake!  It's downright fun to deal Bob, Pete and the crew at Bob's. If you stop in today, and meet Bob, Pete, Sherri, or any of the folks at Bob's, take a look around. The first thing you should notice is the well above average selection and general class of the vehicles that are on the lot. Bob will tell you that he likes to sell vehicles that have the best and most desirable equipment configuration. And I, for one, readily appreciate that. Car after car, truck after truck, SUV after SUV ~ all are 'loaded' with the best options available. Another readily noticeable fact is that almost all of the available selection are VERY, VERY low mileage, and pampered. They actually have vehicles that have under 1,000-1,500 miles on 'em. Most, I would guess, are under 25,000-30,000 miles, and several are under 10,000- 15,000 miles. I know that several of the cars and trucks at this location are still under the original factory warranty, and a few I saw were going to REMAIN under factory warranty into the 2014 zone. I could go until dark, and not run out of praises for the operation at Bob's Fine Cars! From the minute you walk onto the lot, until you drive off in that 'fully loaded cream-puff' that you wanted the moment you spotted it on the lot, you will experience the finest service and professionalism available. These folks deserve the reputation they have earned!" - Fred E. 
"Just had my first car buying experience from a car dealer and could not have asked for a better experience. I felt educated and happy with all the information I received on different buying options. Pete walked me through the financial process and helped me come up with a comfortable monthly payment, which was very important to me. Sherri was always available if I called in and had any questions and helped me with the transition of my car insurance. She made sure once I signed the papers my car was ready to go with my new insurance card already in the glove compartment! I would recommend Bob's Fine Cars to anyone thinking of buying a car. Its a great family owned dealership where kindness is still paramount. What a rare find!" - Michelle P.
"With very little exception, this is where my family buys their vehicles.  Honest folks that will treat you right.  We will continue buying from these guys because they've earned our support.  Thanks again." - Anthony M.
"This is the only place myself or my family will buy a car. Fast friendly service with a great car selection. They stand by what they sell and if you are not happy neither are they. My parents  have bought cars here for over 50 years, and this is where I have bought all but 1 of my cars. That 1 car I did not get here boy was that a mistake on my part. You cannot say enough about how great this place is!" - Rick J. 
"The things that go on around Bob's Fine Cars is kinda like hanging out behind Santa's workshop and shooting the breeze with the head Elves! !
I'm warning you, if you look away from your car for more than a minute, it's liable to wind up getting washed. All seriousness aside, folks...this IS the premiere location for all things fine cars. In the last 10-12 years, I have bought a handful of cars as well as a great truck from Bob and/or Pete. NEVER a problem. Bob has told me that he likes to take in cars that have the TOP LINE equipment and style packages. Makes sense to me-that's what I want when I buy a car. So for very LOW mileage brands and models, I would send you to take a look at Bob's first. Remember...its YOUR money, so go for the BEST! Did I mention that the service dept is GREAT? I take my vehicles to Bob's for service and maintenance, for two reasons. I trust all of the folks there, and they do a job equal to anywhere else in the County. So, I buy 'em, drive 'em service 'em, and trade 'em in at Bob's fine Cars!" - Fred E.
"Every experience I've had with Bob and his son Peter has been positive. During business calls years ago I saw him take care of customers without hesitation. Earlier this week I was looking for a low mileage used car for my son. Bob and Peter gave us a very fair deal, went above and beyond in addressing one small concern and made the whole experience gratifying. Our transaction took three visits, one with my wife, one test driving and one to do the paperwork. Never on any of the visits was there even a hint of pressure to buy. Just great service. Thank you! We'll be back. " - Duane Ashbach
"Best family oriented business I've encountered. Gave us a great deal on a car, and we're incredibly kind people. Will definitely buy another car from them. 5/5 absolutely loved." - Bella Bunny
"I had a rare and unusual experience when I purchased a car at Bob's Fine Cars. I wanted to thank everyone at Bob's for making it so painless, and I appreciate everything you did to make it so. If there were an Academy Award for car dealers, you would win hands down!" - Rosemary Murphy
"A good friend of mine took me to Bob's fine cars. He said it was his favorite place to buy cars and that they had the perfect SUV for me. They made me feel like family. I had never bought a car alone before and they made the experience easy and enjoyable. When you test drive a car there is no one breathing down your neck on the back seat. They give you the keys and I had never had that experience before. They all go above and beyond to make your experience a great one. When my friends want to purchase a like new used car I send them to Bob's." - Michele Dedrick
"My relationship with the Crivello family started sixteen years ago. I was a sophomore at Eureka high. My counselor told me Bob's Fine Cars was looking to hire a fine young lad to wash cars on the weekends. I loved washing cars and needed some extra cash to support my skateboarding habit and compact disc collection, so I took a chance and went for an interview. With some luck I was hired. I worked there for five years washing and detailing cars. Much like the cars on that very lot, I came out shining. Bob's Fine Cars took me in, a punk skateboarder with holes in his shoes, and taught me good old wholesome values and a work ethic that continues to propel me. I have bought my last three vehicles from Bob's, and will continue to do so. I TRUST THEM! They have become my family, my friends. Thank you! "- Daniel Jones
"Wonderful customer service and excellent quality of cars to choose from. Great price and very low terms. Weeks later they even fixed a nail in my tire and brought my car back to me at work. Extremely satisfied customer! Their reputation precedes them and I was not disappointed! Thanks again." - Julia Mouton 
"Literally the best place to buy a car. They go out of your way to make sure the purchase is a good one for you and there is no pressure at all. We bought a car there two years ago and are going back for another in the next couple of days." - Kayla Petsche
"Best family ever to deal with! I would recommend them to all my friends and family. I went in last Sunday to just look around and left with my dream car. I told Bob what I could afford and what I had to trade in and put down on a car and he went out of his way to make it work for me! I am now the proud owner of a 2015 Kia Forte EX and I Love, Love my car! Thank you Bob and Peter for making my car buying experience so wonderful!"- Cheryl Saunders
"When I went shopping for cars I found that Bob's Fine Cars has the highest quality of pre owned automobiles in the county. Every one of their vehicles is clean and well taken care of. The quality of care they put into their vehicle before it goes on the lot transfers over to their care for you as a buyer. They are kind, honest, and caring people who want to help you find the best fit without pushing you to buy something you don't want. I got a great deal on a very nice, well taken care of vehicle. I would recommend Bob's for anyone looking for a top notch pre owned vehicle." -Kenneth Tinkham
"I remember when my husband and I were looking around for a car. We stopped by your place and you started talking to us and ended up knowing my parents and started telling us a funny story about them when they were younger. You were great and all your cars were in the best shape and they all had low.. low.. LOW miles on them. You had the best customer service and "family" feel out of any place around." - Amberlee Freitas
"Best place to buy a vehicle. They stand by their vehicles - not only during the sale but afterwards too. My parents started buying cars her when I was a little girl and we've continued buying at Bob's through the years!" - Lisa Thompson Johnson
"My family (mom, dad, sister, etc) has purchased 9 vehicles from Bob's Fine Cars over the past decade or so. The service the folks at Bob's offer is second to none. They make you feel like family and it's genuine. My family considers the folks at Bob's our friends. The amazing business relationship is just the icing on the cake!" - Joshua Wiener
"Wonderful customer service and excellent quality of cars to choose from. Great price and very low terms. Weeks later they even fixed a nail in my tire and brought my car back to me at work. Extremely satisfied customer! Their reputation precedes them and I was not disappointed! Thanks again!" - Julia Moulton
"Hands down the best car-buying experience. I've bought cars from strangers, friends, used lots, and dealers; no one even comes close. Will be in most, if not all, car related conversations from here on out." - Gabe Kelly
"After a few uncomfortable and stomach turning attempts to purchase a vehicle for the first time on my own, I walked into... Bob's Sales office, ready to play the car buying game. He didn't meet me outside and begin his pitch. The office was welcoming and immediately made me feel comfortable. He walked with me around the lot and showed me many different SUV's fitting my wants and needs. I spotted the Sorento and asked if I could test drive it. He tossed me the keys and told me to take it for a spin. I was in love. I returned, he gave me a printout of the out the door price and I walked away to ponder this purchase. The following morning I made my offer and he graciously asked me to let him look at the numbers and call me back. He called back and countered just $200 away from my own. Sherri arrived at my home only 5 hours later with my new car, insurance card in the glove box and all the DMV paperwork completed. What an awesome experience! Thank you Bob and Sherri for making this a pleasant reality." - Sande Kemp

"Absolutely the best car shopping experience I've ever had. Pete was so accommodating and patient and went above and beyond to help us find exactly what we needed! Everyone we encounteredd at Bob's was friendly and amazing during the whole process and we will surely be loyal to Bob's for life. Thank you for everything! We are so happy." - Stacy King Mintey